Drafting Operations

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Drafting operations in firefighting is very relatively simple as there are few limitations and rules. An average crew involving minimum of 3 fire fighters have the capacity to set up a three tube draft within three minutes.
Drafting requires pump as a static source for the existing fire ground.


Since there is no restriction on hydrant, drafting can using nearby static source at a desired and feasible altitude. Altitude plays an important role in drafting operations as it completely relies on the pump lift and further initiation of water flow. Pump can have certain limitations on lift but it should produce enough water.
We have to ensure that 70 % of the pump capacity is placed at 15 feet lift and 60% of the pump capacity is within a 20 feet lift. The pump's dependable lift is the altitude where the water is expected to flow upward from pump in order to provide reliable flow of fire continuously.
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