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Essay example - Argumentative paper in the fire service

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Many details in life should not be reveled before the correct time. For example if humans knew when they would die, their whole lives would lived in a panic. Nothing would stay in order. Although some details should be revealed but in some religions and some cultures it is a belief that nothing should be revealed before the time comes to actually perform the particular task…

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However that is not the view of some other religions, for instance Islam. In Islam topics such as sexuality are not discussed out right openly and are not considered appropriate at all for their teenagers to be taught. However a high school student will not be allowed to graduate unless they take and pass their sex education class. Does sexual education really provide a platform where it helps the teenager; regardless shouldn't the beliefs of a religion be respected first My own parents tried to talk to the dean and principal and tried to explain to them that they do not wish for me to take this class, however to their shock the request was denied. It is amazing since the American culture itself teaches nothing but respect for other cultures. Toleration is taught all through life. No prayers are said specifically since that might violate the practices of another religion. But when it comes to sex education, it is not understandable why this rule cannot be bended for Muslim children.
Has it really been proven that a sexual education class actually has helped increase teenage abstinence Or has it actually decreased it Let us take a look at some statistics. ...
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