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Toward a New Consciousness; Three Protagonists Journeys into Self-Awareness - Essay Example

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In many novels, the main character journeys into themselves in some way. For Emma, Asher and Huck, that journey teaches them about who they are. For Emma, the protagonist in Emma by Jane Austen; her journey to self-awareness helps her rise above her behavior…

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Toward a New Consciousness; Three Protagonists Journeys into Self-Awareness

It is through literary device that the journeys these characters make towards self awareness becomes clear. First, the journey is always aided by the actions of a secondary character, who is used to push the main character towards change. Second, the authors use a coming to consciousness theme, in which the character suddenly realizes something about themselves that severely alters their self-awareness. Third, the change to self-awareness significantly alters the path of the novel, leading the reader to recognize that this change was not just an internal coming to consciousness, but a life-altering event. Through these three literary devices, the author is able to make clear the increased self-awareness and new beginnings of the novel's protagonist.
Each protagonist makes their way to self-awareness from a very different point. For Emma, the journey to self-awareness is not an easy one. As the town matchmaker, Emma makes it her business to help everyone else find a soul mate, while insisting that she is not interested in marriage. It is not until late in the novel that she realizes that her meddling has harmed her friends. For Asher, the journey to self-awareness leads him to recognize a conflict between his religion and family, and his artwork. ...
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