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Essay example - Reflective Case Study on the Assessment and Evaluation of Secondary Mathematics

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In this rapidly growing society, it is quite hard for our teachers to measure how well children are doing in each subject in school. Monitoring every student's achievements makes it hard for our education system in understanding the heart of every student's experience…

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An evaluation refers to an intermittent process of gathering data and then analyzing it in such a way that the resulting information can be used to determine whether an individual is effectively carrying out planned objectives. Through evaluation, we will be able to anticipate results of a student's progress. On the other hand, assessment is the process of detailing knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs which, in turn, is often used in the educational context. I may consider that both of these techniques are the first steps in getting your child the assistance he needs to learn and develop in school.
In accordance to this, a series of educational assessments carried out on children attending schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland that follows the National Curriculum was made, called as National Curriculum Assessments. The exam-based assessments (National Curriculum Tests) are often referred to as SATs (Standard, or Statutory, Assessment Tests), which was their title when they were being developed in the 1990s. One of the subjects that were given importance is the secondary mathematics.
I personally believe that there has never been a greater need to be mathematically literate but for those who comprehend mathematics, there are important enhanced opportunities and options that will open doors to dynamic futures.
In the National Curriculum, schools are ensure ...
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