Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Essay

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All of us have some negative automatic thoughts every day but when we are depressed we tend to have lots more of them. If we have lots of these kinds of thoughts each day we could end up feeling depressed and once we are depressed, the negative automatic thoughts take over.


Moreover, antidepressants need to be used cautiously in children because one out of fifty children becomes more suicidal (Richard et al., 2006). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can be a very effective alternative to treat depression in long-term benefits. CBT helps identifying the negative automatic thoughts that may be leading to feelings of depression and helps us to come up with alternative ways of thinking that reduces the feelings of depression. It aims to influence dysfunctional emotions, behaviors and cognitions through a goal-oriented and systematic procedure by using a number of psychological techniques, behavioristic learning and cognitive psychology. This psychological therapy has been proved to help the people with depression and is based on the idea that how we feel is affected by the way we think and what we believe in. It helps people to see how their thoughts and behavior relate to their problems and how Behavioral Activation changes our behavior and emotional state.
Behavioral activation encourages patients to approach activities that they are avoiding and the patients are thus refocused on their goals and valued directions in life. There are many advantages of behavioral activation over traditional CBT for treating depression. ...
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