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Film "The Name of the Rose"

The Apostolic poverty is a doctrine that emphasizes Christ's and the Apostles' absolute lack of possession and was strongly supported by the Franciscan religious order. The Dominicans opposed this doctrine and their views were upheld by the Pope John XXII who considered the poverty doctrine as subverting his authority (Harvey, 2004). At the same time there was a great conflict between the Pope and the Bavarian Emperor Louis regarding the boundaries between religious and lay power and the Pope's claim to intervene on lay issues such as the Emperor's Coronation (Eco, 1983). This is in brief the historical setting of the film. According to the plot, the Franciscan friar William of Baskerville arrived to the Benedictine Abbey to participate in a meeting between the Pope's and the Emperor's delegates in an attempt to bring together the two opposite sides. ...
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2. What is the significance of the murdered monks that were translators, copyists and illustrators What is the message behind these murders Why are people who work with the transmission of culture and knowledge being murdered
3. The girl and Salvatore are accused of witchcraft by Bernardo Gui [the Inquisitor], what does that say about the role of truth in this movie Is she a sorcerer Why does William of Baskerville allow her to be burned when she was poor and innocent
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