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Visa International - Case Study Example

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Case Study
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The organization Visa International so described has the Chaodic Organization structure that has employees set their boundaries out of control but the work they perform is very much into order and is in line with the overall objectives of the company; rather than competing and the conflicting…

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Visa International

The Visa International is characterized by both coordination and competition; employee empowerment and decision making is fanned down to the lower level.
The factors that lead to the selection of such a design was the competition that the industry was facing and thus there was a quick need to respond to the changes that were taking place. There was a need to be open and responsive to the changes occurring in the environment and let employees to be more enabling rather than being controlled.
No, Chuck is not a leader since, leader is the person who influences his group and takes them along and in Chuck's situation he seems to be more of an independent player rather than working with the group collectively.
Mallory is no wonder competitive and aggressive and target oriented but his attitude is harsh and bitter, and temperament is required to keep the person in his wits; so I don't think I will work for Mallory.
Mallory was an achievement oriented person with less concern for relationships; his success lied in making quick and spontaneous decisions; the on spot decisions were the result of his independent thinking and least involvement of others, who would other wise have resulted in longer times in reaching a consensus which would then be too late.
It is difficult to change a person's attitude and easy to teach his or her the skills; according to skills approach skills can be learned, but, the personality approach sugge ...
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