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But if the actual origin of this concept is explored, it can be attributed to the discovery of the earth being a circle rather than a square. In fact, the spherical connotation wards of all the edges! The satellite pictures of the earth also show it as a unified area with patches of green and blue lending a symphony to its being. Even geology justifies the concept of 'global village'!
But ponder before you get euphoric over this expression of rationality. The concept of globalization operates on near ideal conditions. These conditions rest on one major condition, subsequently. And the condition is that the whole world needs to have an access to this technology. And there lies the catch! Sitting in your Los Angeles office, you cannot even imagine the gravity of starvation and epidemic in so many Afro-Asian countries. When even basic needs are not met, who cares about Internet or satellite revolution Or in a more jargonistic way, who cares for or for that matter, even understands globalization.
Globalization is an umbrella term that refers to increased interdependence in the economic, social, technological, cultural, political and ecological spheres. Theodore Levitt is credited with the first use of this term in the economic context. ...
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Enormous. Unchallengeable. The dictum. Or was it something else that the former UN Secretary General wanted to say Well, the concept of one 'global tribe' and Marshall Mc Luhan's coinage of 'global village' wouldn't have looked better in another context. Boundaries have disappeared, borders have merged and channels are open…
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