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Software Application Selection - Essay Example

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A Software Application System has the potential to enable a business towards partial or full automation thus ensuring better Efficiency, improved Staff Productivity, improved Customer satisfaction, improved Data Consistency, Accuracy & Security, improved compliance to Regulations & Global Standards, improved response to Business Dynamics and improved Bottom Lines…

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Software Application Selection

The Management is informed with accurate and consistent data from a tightly integrated and controlled system who, otherwise, were dependent on the manual, approximate data provided by the functional, unit or branch heads. The benefits of a software enabled business thus are enormous. (Dunshee, ERPN, 2001, p. 2-3 and Upadhyaya, 2005, p.4-11)
However, if a Software System is not carefully selected or implemented in the organization, it actually causes more damages than bringing benefits to the table (Litzenberg, 2007, p. 4). This paper presents a structured methodology of Software Application selection and implementation in an organization.
Businesses in today's competitive world are getting more and more complex and expanding across regions and countries. The large span of a business and its complexities makes it almost impossible to be managed manually. Almost every business today is enabled by IT Systems and Services. However, not all IT solutions offer an end to end integrated and relational information management as well as paperless automation. ...
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