Legal Research on the Preclusion by the Federal Law of the United States of Formation of Legal Systems affecting Individuals

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The objective of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is to put a prohibitory restraint on the states form denying the equal protection under laws to any particular individuals on any grounds whatsoever.


While mostly all the laws are embedded with the inherent responsibility of the protection of the rights of the individuals who are the citizens of the countries concerned, they are framed in such a way that they take as their matter of concern only a group of individuals.
This also gives rise to thoughts about the role of the states in providing the legal frame work. Even from the ancient times of civilization, the role of the state has always been primary when designing and applying a specific legal framework and there had been no instances where the law makers had framed legal provisions that apply only to specific persons or the individuals involved.
But it cannot be denied that the subsequent interpretations of the legal provisions had made various legal provisions favorable or unfavorable to individuals depending on the circumstances of the individual cases. But those situations could only be attributed to the lacunae in the legislations or the clever and efficient interpretations of the provisions put forth by the lawyers and the opinions of the judges formed on the basis of such interpretations and arguments.
But still the world had witnessed intensive debates over the intervention of the state in the formulation of the legal framework that affected individuals voluntarily or involuntarily. ...
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