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Employer-Employee Relationship

It fulfils the aspirations of millions around the globe, and makes every member a part of the universal whole and hurtles towards a chosen path and on to destiny. It involves a culture that is flexible, unique and peculiar to the specific organization or industry. It also involves administration, supervision, evaluation, performance, productivity, motivation, morale, and discipline. In short, it is the creation of a new dimension in relationship based on mutual understanding, trust, objectives, principles and routines. (Employee Relations Series)
In the course of its existence, an organization settles down to achieve its aims and targets. The most important asset of the organization is its human resource. All the activities from the initial stage of acquiring an order to execution and delivery are dependent on human skills at every level and stage. The internal activities of an organization consist not only of executing orders or rendering services, but also constantly looking after its own position and welfare, which is the welfare of its employees.
In the present economic scenario, policies and procedures relating to employee- related issues are the quick fix hire and fire routine, although enlightened management may not arbitrarily use them. There needs to be good deal of resilience and flexibility.
Policies and procedures serve as guidelines and channels of hope to an aggrieved employee or group of employees with specific grie ...
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There is something special and unique about employer-employee relationship that is not seen in any other form of relationships. The employer-employee relationship has tremendous stake and impacts a whole lot of people from the household to the customer and society at large.
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