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English Composition - Essay Example

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There are various styles of writing. It can be a short story, a novel, a script for a news program or an essay; and, for each of these styles are different techniques on how to effectively do it. It can be noted that the first among the techniques in writing is almost always the planning or the prewriting stage.

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English Composition

The purpose or the essay's focus should be "important events that readers react with feelings that could include amusement, excitement, or delight" (Aoki, et al. 1996).
But the writing techniques stated in the book do not exactly work all the time. I believe that the planning stage differs for a particular subject. For example, in writing on "The Best Way to Learn about Life," the author has to be equipped with knowledge and experience on various circumstances about life. The first question that the writer should ask is "What is the best way to learn about life" Usually, the answer is the lessons learned from the mistakes and shortcomings committed. From here, the writer can explore on the specific experience to be cited in the essay.
The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University suggests that among the questions that need to be considered in exploring the problem or the thesis of the essay are the target readers, the purpose, and the writer (Online Writing Lab at Purdue University [OWL at Purdue], 2004). For the essay on learning about life, I believe that as a writer the first thing to be determined is the character that I will project in this literary composition. ...
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