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Gender Relations - Essay Example

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Gender plays an important and decisive role in coping with the threat of hunger. Women have notably been on the forefront when push came to shove and decisions were to be made in the face of surmounting odds in the game of survival. Women are known to go hungry in order to feed their hungry children…

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Gender Relations

However, the pain of the sacrifice is plain on their faces. Women, on the other hand, sacrifice with a glow on their countenance. They have the creativity and the ability to withstand drought to the maximum extent and make food out of whatever sources available (Eldridge, Christopher, p2).
Flood, drought and famine have struck all countries across the globe. The evidence of famine is scripted in the ancient texts and millions died in those days in the absence of effective communication and fast transportation available today (Dreze, Jean and Sen, Amartya; 1989). However, one must give thought to accounts of heroism and endurance that never-say-die men and women exercised to outlive those events. Small remnants of brave men and women survived to carry on with life and challenges they overcame to script their experiences with future generations.
The threat of hunger may or may not be an isolated incident. There are those that experience hunger as a daily challenge. In the ancient days, a lot depended on the ruling class on the extent of hunger in their land. If rulers were benevolent, people experienced prosperity and thrived with only fleeting acknowledgement of hunger. However, if rulers were exacting and impersonal large number of people below the poverty line came in grips with the pangs of hunger.
This situation was man-made. But one learnt to live with it. ...
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