Why Many Good Workers Turn into Bad Bosses - Essay Example

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Why Many Good Workers Turn into Bad Bosses

When Mr. Min was promoted as the Chief Chef, orientation was given by the management about the nature of the job and expectations of the management.
But when Mr. Min took charge he was not performing well as he had done in his previous job. There was confusion in the kitchen and the kitchen staff were de-motivated. In fact some of the chefs were considering exploring new opportunities. The management was concerned about the developments in the kitchen and Mr. Min was called for meeting with the management. Separate interviews were also conducted with the kitchen staff to identify the source of the problems. It was identified by the management that, the position of the Chief Chef is a job which requires more of leadership and interpersonal skills than of culinary skills. A Chief Chef should know culinary but the knowledge of culinary alone does not make a Chief. Mr. Min was a very good chef but when it came to leading a department it was very difficult for him, because his ability to lead the department in a positive manner was very less. As the Chief of a department it is very essential that a person understands the need to motivate the staff in a positive way. ...
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The role of the Chef in the Chinese restaurant was a key position. Mr. Min was a very good trained chef who was an asset to the restaurant. As a chef, Mr. Min's strengths were self discipline in his work, motivation to try new things, capability to create new varieties in his area of expertise and his passion with culinary…
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