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Composer Style Report: Beethoven

Ludwig Van Beethoven, of German Origin was born on December 17, 1770 in the home of Johann who was proficient teacher of violin, piano and voice. Teaching music was his bread and butter as he was a chapel master (Kapellmeister). Since his early age, Beethoven used to sing soprano in the very same electoral chapel where his father was the chapel master who taught Beethoven, violin and piano. Since 8 years of age, he studied with quite a lot of local organists, even received piano lessons from Tobias Friedrich Pfeiffer, where violinist like Franz Rovantini present him violin and viola lessons. Even though as a born artist, Beethoven's musical brilliance was associated to that of Mozart's, he never exceeded the elementary level in school education. In his teens in 1787, he went to Vienna for unknown reasons, but some say that he even met Mozart and took lessons from him. In a two weeks time when he came back his world suddenly changed for him as his mother died and his father became a drunkard. ...
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Beethoven enlarged the limits of the classical style beyond all previous conceptions, but he never changed its essential structure or abandoned it, as did the composers who followed him. In the other fundamental aspects of his musical language, as well as in the key relations within a single movement, Beethoven may be said to have remained within the classical framework, even while using it in startlingly radical and original ways" said Charles Rosen in his classical survey 'The Classical Style …
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