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The business of Property Development is profoundly cyclical mainly because this phenomenon recurs itself through time especially in the recent past with tremendous impact to our way of life. This case study concerns itself with the application of a problem solving methodology called the Soft System Methodology (SSM) in the field of property development specifically on the development firm.


This firm has been relatively successful in the engineering projects that they have pursued and actually has a fine balance sheet. In this study, we take a look at DPSB: their problems, uncertainties and poor performance in property development. We also note their intent improve the firm's performance by adopting an appropriate strategy and transforming it into a better and more efficient organization, at the present economic conditions and investment atmosphere.
SSM intends to solve problems where traditional hard systems have failed and in emerging complicated human issues where hard systems have proven to be very difficult to use. SSM evolves out of an attempt to overcome the apparent deficiencies of the traditional methods of systems analysis. Not so far in the recent past, the traditional system of analysis was the main mode of solving problems in issues involving people. Yet this methodology has been originally intended for tackling 'hard' engineering or machine type problems. Theoretically, this approach is possible if we think of humans in a mechanistic manner but then again such a view would be incomplete and highly inappropriate. Suffice it to say, solving people's problem with hard engineering approach remains unsatisfactory.
The product of SSM is a list of proposed possible changes aiming to improve the p ...
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