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Controversial Television Advertising

This image has since altered drastically due to the nationalization of television and the shift from disseminating information to focusing on persuading the masses. Today advertising is criticized as encouraging materialism, creating envy and obsessing with physical beauty, all this using various tactics such as manipulation, deception and typecasting. Consumers are treated like guinea pigs with products hung out in front of them.
When people switch on their television sets they aim to watch not the commercials, but the programs or films aired on the multitude of channels. These channels make their business and profits through the advertising revenue generated by the telecast of the programs. Advertisements are an inevitable part of the business and channels are required to feature them at regular intervals during programs. The viewer at home has a choice, whether to watch the commercials or tune into another channel. Studies show that most viewers would watch a newly telecast commercial and are less likely to be interested in it after several repetitions. Some ads are watchable even after many runs, while the credibility of other ads appears to be the weak link (Ries 2004). The content of the ad is therefore the prime aspect that determines the watchability factor. ...
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The rise in consumerism has given way to increase in competition among businesses forcing advertisers to employ various methods to promote their products. In the past several years more and more contentious ads have been telecast in a desire to attract public attention and generate sales…
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