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National Service Framework - Essay Example

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Author : hgraham


One f the main targets linked with Standard 4 (general hospital care) f the National Service Framework for Older People (NSF) (Department f Health 2001) is the development f 'a multidisciplinary group that targets the needs f aged people' (Department f Health 2003)…

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National Service Framework

However, neither the concept nor the implementation f an acute-based, multidisciplinary older persons outreach and support team (OPOST) has been reported in the literature to date.
The 2004 report, Better Health in Old Age, from the national director for older people's health, provides an impressive range f comments, with supporting evidence, on the success f the National Service Framework for Older People (NSF) as seen through the eyes f various stakeholders.
This attractively presented document looks back over the three years since the launch f the NSF and forward to a vision f the future. Readers f Nursing Older People may find it somewhat irritating that the image chosen for the cover is in stark contrast to their own experiences f caring for older people. The photograph f older people canoeing, and clearly enjoying it, on the report's cover may have encouraged some newspapers to adopt the theme f taking responsibility for personal fitness as a spur to better health. Tai chi is an increasingly popular form f exercise, suitable for many older people, and given the imminent publication f the White Paper on public health it was no surprise that it was used as the focus, and to illustrate news reports. While adopting such a theme is undoubtedly a positive approach it may also mask many f the other significant achievements.
My chosen theme is 'climate change'. ...
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