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Time Bandits: Technology and the Modern Woman

What was once a convenience is now considered a necessity. Has the introduction of technology changed the role of the housewife Though technology has altered processes and priorities, and in doing so complicated the life of the homemaker, her central role has changed little in the past 100 years.
Estel is an 82-year-old great grandmother that has lived in the same house since her marriage 60 years ago. She can recall her first refrigerator and how magically it kept food cold without the constant attention of adding ice. The gas range was another miracle addition to her kitchen. Other bits of technology are scattered around her house, mostly unused. A blender, electric grill, and bread maker sit idle waiting for instructions on their intended purpose.
She would probably dispose of them had they not been gifts from well-intentioned family members. With every new baffling gadget, she calls the gift giver, on her dial telephone, to say how much she appreciates it. She has no answering machine, no tortilla press, and has never owned a seal-a-meal. The one high tech device she likes is the microwave oven, but she still can't set the clock after a power failure. Her meals are slow cooked, the old-fashioned way and even the simplest dish is reminiscent of a family gathering around the dinner table.
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The key to the successful use of time saving devices in the home is finding the fifteen minutes it takes to save you ten. The last century has introduced new machines, gadgets, and appliances into the home to make the housewife's life easier and less time consuming…
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