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Essay example - Philosophers

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Great minds have always influenced people all over the world; perhaps there are many people out there, which have left their print on others' life, through their behavior, their acts, or simply by their amazing abilities to perceive the world and the humanity…

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His life is so blended with myths that today nobody can actually say what is true and what is legend about him (according to some legends, he was born at 62, after growing in his mother womb until that age). Some place his existence during the same period with that of Confucius', others centuries later, while others just argue the fact that he ever existed.
Due to the major impact on people's life, Lao-Tzu is sometimes considered a divinity, or, at least a messenger of a Divine force. His constant efforts to teach the others how to respect order and harmony at all levels have materialized into the work that is presently known as Laozi. These writings have numerous interpretations, from various points of view, and are still arising philosophical debates.
The Daoistic influences on Chinese culture, literature, philosophy and religion are incontestable. This ancient humanistic move hasn't only influenced the Chinese; Daoism is practically the support of many religions and cultures throughout Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan and parts of Southeast Asia), an undeniable fact that clearly makes its founders remarkable people.
With Bertrand Russell, mathematical logic and analytic philosophy meet, blend and create one revolutionist perception over words, language and implication. Our verbal mechanisms are studied and explained in a work that will become the foundation of the analytic philosophy of our times. ...
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