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Development in the electronic media has not only advanced but also progressed in an accelerated pace during the last few decades. The advent of TV, computer, the Internet and other multimedia technology has spurred the growth of science and technology as well as sped up the proliferation of information all throughout the globe.


The changes in newspaper industry for example is staggering as many newspaper companies nowadays have their own websites too, allowing the new generation of internet user to access the news anytime in their computers. As we have observed during the last few years, the readership of printed papers has declined considerably. More than 1 billion users of the internet all over the world, access the news through the net and the number is expected to rise in the years to come as young people prefer the convenience of Internet-based technologies in order to obtain news, information, and entertainment (Watkinson 67).
Societies whose technology is well developed have now entered the digital age and industries are searching for new opportunities to take this chance to develop business. Although there are threats to this utilization of technology in the media to advance business, the melding together of various media - also referred to as 'convergence' causes furor among many technology users as it holds a lot of promise. The amalgamation of different medium, which 1incorporates personalized services could be overwhelming for many but is very exciting as well.
The utilization of high-powered and high technology innovation in computers, switch to digital platforms and the construction of high-speed computer networks brought about novel ideas and methods of doi ...
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