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A case where 19 female employees, of who many were teenagers, were repeatedly sexually harassed at the RENO, Nev. - Scolari's Warehouse Market. The case, which was filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Nevada by the EEOC, was reported by Agency on September 18, 2008…

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It also said that the company's management had failed to address and correct the issue even after the victims raised complains. The acts violated the Civil Rights of 1964, Title VII. The company also was to offer training to all employees, furnish the commission with its employment-practice reports for 3 year period and source for consultancy to review the company's policies dealing with harassment and the involved procedures in an agreed consent decree which was, on September 5 approved by the court.
The above case shows that rules on work discrimination needed to be strengthened and taken very seriously. In addition, the laws are still weak on these cases since I feel that the senior officials would have been taken personally responsible for this misconduct.
All forms of sexual harassment to interfere with a person's employment, performance at work un- reasonably, intimidates him/her or sense of it, hostile or work environment that is not conducive. The laws also prohibit discrimination against age, disability, pay discrimination, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion and retaliation. ...
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