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Essay example - Discuss the history of racial classification in the united States from the first U.S. census to the present day relation to concepts of biological race and the social construction of race and ethnicity. Define and dicuss the concepts of race, ethinicity

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Racist remarks were made in documentation in US census when it was first introduced in 1790. Though the experts who were then and now are responsible for make the census report failed to answer the question why race data was collected in 1790 and thereafter…

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slaves were considered as 3/5ths of a person whereas a free man was considered one person. There was a gender bias in US; women were not allowed to vote.
Immigration has long been part of American society. All non-Native American groups are, in essence, of immigrant stock. Even in the Colonial period, the English colonies contained large numbers of non-Anglo immigrants, especially those from various German states. By the 1790s Germans were outnumbered only by English immigrants and Africans forcibly brought as slaves. Another half million Germans arrived before 1850. They were welcomed to America. After the American Revolution, the Founding Fathers considered the new United States to be under populated and actively recruited immigrants, though the preference was for those of Western European and Protestant background. In the 1840s and 1850s, many citizens who were offended by their predominant Roman Catholic faith frowned upon the arrival of millions of Irish immigrants fleeing famine. The Great Depression and World War II curtailed European immigration, although Mexican immigration increased during the war. ...
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