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Traditionally, organisations have been seen to work on the premise of three basic factors of production - land, labour and capital. These three factors have been hailed as equally important with labour always having occupied a special place of importance. In this regard, the three factors of production were enough to nicely and simply sum up the requirements of an organisation.


This is where the term expertise comes in.
Expertise means many things to many people due to the sole reason that it includes a lot of elements that contribute to the organisation strength when it comes to the achievement of goals. This has basically been used in Non governmental organisations, but has recently been added to every corporation's list of priorities. (Grandstand, 1999) This brand of expertise gives rise to intellectual capital through a strategic growth and development process of the organisation's human capital. This paper deals with the study of intellectual capital within the corporate sphere in terms of its brand asset relevance aspect. In this respect, it has been realised that intellectual capital needs to be measured to chart and track the course that is being followed by the organisation and the people within it, as far as reaching and achieving goals is concerned. The organisation that will be dealt with here is Skandia - the pioneer.
The objective is to study the relevance and reliability of the brand assets and their value in terms of this company. ...
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