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Alleviating Problems in Police Agencies

My discussion explores the position vis a vis the two great democratic nations which have led the world in their quest for human rights and whose legal and political systems are deemed to be the envy of the world.It has often been said that the modern American Constitution along with the Declaration of Independence is a result of Lockean Ideals of Liberalism(that is John Locke's Concepts based on liberty, freedom, instituting government, and the right to alter that government.).However proponents of the heavy influence of British/European ideals (Gary Wills for example) have argued that a much more important role in this regard has been played by Scottish philosophers ,the Dutch and more importantly Britain.(Kavka 1986:45).
According to Sheldon the Declaration of Rights reflects "three dominant ideologies present during the American revolution and the founding of the American republic. These political philosophies were British liberalismClassical Republicanismand Christianity," (Sheldon: 16).
It can be seen that the Western Ideals of Government and Democracy are directly a result of the way ancient Roman and European philosophers sought to u ...
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The overall learning objective of Knowledge Area Module V (Democratic Governance) is to examine and synthesize the knowledge of democratic governance theories, and evaluate the potential conflict between police stress and police misuse of force. The notion of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people has been a foundation of democratic governance in this country since its founding in 1776…
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