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I am planning to graduate by 2008. After I graduate from Cal State Fullerton, I will start to prepare for the CPA exam. However, in order to meet the requirements of licensure, I need two years worth of work experience in an accounting-related job. As I am a full time student this semester, I will also start to look for an accounting job to build up my work experience.


Taking more business courses could greatly increase my chances when competing with other applicants for job opportunities.
MKTG353 Marketing Info Technology will be my first choice to take as a marketing course. This course requires students to learn the information tools and the databases for decision making. Also, it helps students to gain the knowledge of profit analysis, sales forecasting, advertising media selection, and market segmentation. Moreover, students will improve their skills in using electronic spreadsheets, which will improve my electronic technique skills for preparing accounting statements. Specifically, I will gain I.T skills that will enable me to gather a wide range of information on all aspects of business. For accountancy and other jobs, the course will give me a deeper understanding of the processes and the relationships between buyers and sellers.
KTG465 Managing Services Marketing will be a particularly important course for a business major student, giving the opportunity to expand knowledge and practice, something many students may not have experienced. This course mainly concentrates on the skills of communication with customers. ...
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