Sunny Cottage Holidays (SCH)

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Sunny Cottage Holidays (SCH) is an agent for the holiday cottage market in UK. The company forms a bridge between cottage owners who are seeking to rent out their cottages to vacationers and customers who are seeking exclusive vacations. With a detailed listing of luxury cottages across UK, till now the agency has only employed traditional means to attract customers.


The agency requires that marketing and communication strategies be employed keeping the following criteria in view.
The target segment of SCH is in various stages of hierarchical responses. Communication strategy must be employed to first create and increase awareness about cottage holidays rather than general holidays and brand awareness on the SCH package. This must be done through attractive advertising strategy, good media planning and promotional exercises. Differentiation between SCH and its competitors must be clearly specified.
Next the agency must focus on providing more information on SCH to the customer. The 'comprehension' phase should allow development of website, direct mailers etc that provides information about the holiday packages.
Endorsements by experts or feedback photos and comments from satisfied SCH customers are other tools that the agency can explore to convince customers. Conviction must be the third important stage of the exercise.
The market for independent family holidays in cottages is fast growing, as many prefer 'their space' rather than being part of a group. A growing 58% people prefer the getaway to the countryside for relaxing weekends and planned vacations. The competition can be classified as,
Local specialists: Most cottage agents are local specialists who focus on tour ...
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