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Question 1 and Question 2

This course in biological science will enable me to fly high and make my dreams come true of becoming a veterinarian. My focus in not just to complete a course in biological science, but also to go for higher studies and specialize in veterinary science. My ambition in life is to protect the animals which are at the verge of extinction. I really feel very bad when I read that the polar bear will become extinct in 45 years. After completion of my course I would also like to get into the research field and contribute my efforts in this field.
I believe that my educational background and abilities would be an excellent base for my future studies. I am aware that this university is looking for students who have good leadership abilities and I am confident I will be able to fulfil this requirement. I am confident in my leadership skills that I have acquired over the years. I have experience in organizing several activities such as stage plays, group discussions, debates etc. In fact, I have organized various state-wide programs and also participated in a number of social activates organized by my school.
I have been an outstanding writer as well. I have written several articles related to animals and the importance to save them from extinction. ...
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I have been very keen in education and I have always been interested in learning more and more about animals. It is from childhood that I developed interest in animals. I enjoyed watching television programs on animals to learn and understand animal behaviour…
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