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Literature. A Mexican American girl

He was an example of an unreliable narrator, due to the many facets of his character. Montresor seemed to be lacking in friendships, sensitive, but devious and vindictive and most probably slightly paranoid. He perceived himself to be above or at any rate, alienated from the 'common herd', and believed he was a connoisseur of good wines. This last, he used as a trick to achieve vengeance on a supposed enemy. He appeared to be a complete loner through choice, and looked down on the rich who had not the old family heritage he possessed. He could be described equally as a sad, pitiful individual or a dangerous mad man.
Esperanza would put a Want Ad. in the paper for a used portable typewriter. She knew she had talent; her aunt Lupe told her to keep writing. She valued education, working to pay for it, and admired Alicia for studying. A typewriter would be a good start for her dreams to be made real.
He would put an obsequious obituary in the paper, as this would give him an opportunity to gloat over his success at achieving redress, while removing suspicion from himself. It would also allow him to appear to be mourning publicly and reinforce the faade of his and Fortunato's alleged friendship. He would use this as a way to state his superiority over others in his society.
Her tone and style would be serious ...
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She was the main protagonist, aged 12-13, a Mexican American girl whose dreams centered on living in a beautiful spacious white house with an open yard and trees. Her reality was a small crumbling red house with only two rooms, in a Chicago Latino district that she wants to escape from…
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