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Since early childhood I have tried different activities in search of a passion and an identity. During my sophomore year, I attended a group dancing competition show called Putting on the Hitz: one performance caught my attention. Halfway through his routine, a dancer started doing a break dancing move that allows the performer to roll and spin continuously on his back by swing their legs like a windmill.


This knowledge was wonderful, but I still needed to actually try to break dance. I started with the basics. The fundamental elements of break dancing are hitting beats in music, and moving to the tempo. With a vague understanding of what I needed to do, my initial attempts at the windmill, a power move which requires strength, stamina and skill, were clumsy and robotic. Still, I wasn't disheartened. I practiced and resolved to learn more.
Like any practiced skill, successfully completing this move would cost me many hours of trial and error, injury, and hard practice. After one month, I could perform a recognizable windmill. All my practicing left me with days of muscle soreness, bruises, burns, scratches, and scars, but I was elated with my progress.
My friends thought I was chasing a foolish dream. But, as they watched me push myself and progress they began to learn alongside me. After a year, I had improved vastly in my skills and was ready to put them to the test.
The next year I entered the dance competition at my school - the same competition that inspired me to break dance. My heart pounded as I began to perform our routine, and my heart rate increased as the moment of my solo inched closer. ...
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