Consumers' Unethical Belief and Attitude toward Counterfeiting - Essay Example

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Consumers' Unethical Belief and Attitude toward Counterfeiting

The main issue is the consumer has the benefit of choice. A product may be counterfeit. But it may be as good as or better than the original. The customer is in no position to ascertain the true value of the product unless he buys it.
However, his unethical belief may be product-specific. He may or may not be willing to test counterfeits of each and every product. For instance, clothes. The fashion business is highly fluid in the matter of originals and counterfeits (Ha, Sejin & Lennon, Sharron, 2006). Depending on the government's strength and the rule of law prevalent in the region, the consumer's reliance on counterfeits may be rewarding or counterproductive and the question of ethics does not bother the consumer because he has paid for the goods even if it is counterfeit (Tatnall, Professor Arthur, 2008).
Consumer's belief and attitude rotates around the single, dominant factor that he is paying for the product and hence it does not matter if the product is counterfeit. If the counterfeit provides him with as much or better services than the original, his purchase of such goods does not bother him at all on the matter of ethics.
It is true that an informed society is more tolerant of unethical belief. It also has a higher anti-business attitude because there is greater awareness of what is going on in big business houses. Big business houses have problems with ethics (Friedman, Hershey H et al, 2008, p38). ...
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In this case, the consumer is more tolerant of unethical belief and which will have higher social benefit of dissemination attitude. The consumer is tolerant in the sole belief that his perception of the goods or services appear equal or better and the costs is also lesser than the original…
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