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In order to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act it was decided to ensure that any data which might uniquely identify any patient would not be part of the study. The section of the form, which contained the patient's name, was used only for cross-referencing the accuracy of the data auto generated from the PAS. This was undertaken by a research student employed for the duration of the study. This detachable section was then shredded and discarded.
The choice of variables reflects those used by the Royal College of Radiologists in its Re-audit of Radiotherapy Waiting Times 2003 report. It also ties in with the major audit undertaken by the Department annually. This will enable us to cross-reference and to align the data with a view to making recommendations for necessary improvements in the service.
Data on overall waiting times will feed into the Department's annual report and incremental improvements in service. Waiting times by gender is part of a larger study into inequalities of access to the service. The Department wishes to identify whether there is any disparity and if so to determine cause, and remove it promptly.
Limit to list - the Diagnosis, Dosage, Waiting List Status and Gender fields were limited to the prescribed coded choices. This method was chosen to further protect patient confidentiality in the event that the privacy of the data was compromised.
60 pat ...
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The Department currently has an arbitrary 'good practice' waiting time of 30 minutes between arrival and discharge. This survey will provide a benchmark for the Department to determine the length of time patients are actually waiting for treatment once they arrive
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