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Backing-up data requires software tools, which are clearly the responsibility of the company to make available to the employee.
In this line of reasoning, it is the responsibility of the company to purchase and make available the back-up software. However, it is the responsibility of the employee to use the software to back-up her files. --Doug
The answer to who should backup company data is, it depends. I can think of two situations where the answer differs. The first situation consists of a typical user who sits in the cube and uses systems provided by the organization. In this situation, the organization must address two issues. First, they must provide a central location for users to securely save their information. They must provide policies, procedures, and technical solutions to backup those backend systems that house all critical information. The employee is not without responsibility in this situation. They must ensure that they are saving their work on those resources that provide the backup solution.
Where my answer differs is from the following scenario. I have worked for and know consultants who are responsible for purchasing their own laptops. They are typically road warriors and do not frequent the office on a regular basis. Their laptops house corporate data critical to the organization. ...
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It is the responsibility of the employee to save her work regularly, so that if the PC goes down for any reason, her work is saved. It is simply part of the perceived responsibility of the worker. It is also the employee's responsibility to save her work in a location that is easy to remember…
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