Western Literature. Shakespeare and Robert Bolt.

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A. Shakespeare's View of Women: In the play Othello, there are three significant female characters - Desdemona, Emilia, and Bianca - who hardly appear in the film version, although she has a significant role in the play.


A prominent question regarding the portrayal of women in the play is whether Shakespeare can be faulted in any way for his treatment of women, or is it an accurate and realistic portrayal of women in this play. As Shakespeare has been acclaimed as the master craftsman who is celebrated for his realistic portrayal of various characters in his plays, it is indubitable that the playwright is giving us a truthful and realistic picture of women in his social context. Men have traditionally given superiority over women in almost all the societies and the position of women in Shakespearean society was not different. Being a realistic artist who insisted on mirroring the society, as it is, through the themes and characters of his works, Shakespeare has been just being exact and realistic in presenting the women characters in the play Othello.

2. D. Robert Bolt, in his A Man for All Seasons, creates the "Common Man" character to serve as something of a modern day Greek Chorus. The character introduces and concludes the play, comments on the action periodically through both acts, and assumes a variety of roles in the play. ...
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