Human Resource Leadership in Education

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Today most states and nations are development minded with the less developed countries, which have been stagnant for centers making major strides to revolt against poverty, disease, ignorance and dominance, by stronger nations. There is a universal guest for development in aspiration of economic, social and political progress.


Human resource development is the process of increasing the knowledge, skills and capacities of all the people in the society. In economic term it would be described as the account of the human capital and its effective investment in the development of an economy in political terms Human resource development prepares people to admit participation in political processes, from social and cultural points of vias it helps pple to lead fuller and riches lives that are less bound by tradition. In general the process of human resource development unlocks the door to modernization.
Human resources are developed in many ways. Formal education is the most obvious, beginning with pry or 1st level education, continuing with various forms of secondary education, and then higher education including colleges, higher technical institutes and universities. Human resources are also developed through systematic or informal training programs in employing institutions, and adult education programs and through membership in various political, social, religious and cultural groups. ...
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