A Supermarket in California by Allen Ginsberg

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Perhaps American Literature's and undoubtedly playwright Tennessee Williams' most revered work, A streetcar named desire is a story that depicts pathos and human fixation to do with sex, desire, money, class consciousness and struggle, deceit and fallacy, relationships, beliefs and modernism…


The story weaves around two central characters at odds with each other- Blanche Du Bois, a Mississippi schoolteacher, ostracized a defunct upper crust, owing to her unscrupulous behavior and Stanley Kowalski, an auto parts supplier and Blanche's brother in law who, towards the beginning of the play comes across as an stanch egalitarian hero, later unfolds as a crude man having animalistic instincts and towards the end of the story as a committed and loving husband.
The series of event in Blanche Du Boi's life- her arrival at her sister Stella's house, a brief disdainful stay at New Orleans, denial from her suitor Mitch, followed by Stanley's cruel act of raping her, her state of madness, then the resort to start a second life with her doctor is rightly summarized in her metaphoric statement, "They told me to take a street car named desire, and transfer to one called cemeteries and ride six blocks and get off at Elysian Field".
This thought provoking play, A streetcar named desire stands leaves us with a sense of pity for the protagonist and creates in our minds scuffle between false notions and naked reality, the search for ideal. Blanche's escapism from reality becomes our own inherent desire and inhibition. And we are left to wonder whether we must accept crude realties or live in our world of whimsy.
A supermarket in California is probably Ginsberg ...
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