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The role of Human Resource Management

A case study near a large business company shows the difficulty in evaluating this contribution being given the strategic lack of legitimacy of the HRM and the absence of tested criteria of evaluation of its results. In this line, we will discuss the approach exposed by De Cieri and al. (2003) which deals with the problem of HRM in Australia, in term of strategy, people and performance.
The approach by the resources constitutes one of the theoretical bases of the strategic human resources management (SHRM) which aims at developing the collective effectiveness of the employees in order to achieve the goals of the company (De Cieri et al. 2003; Truss and Gratton, 1994; Wright and McMahan, 1992). This approach seems relevant to clarify the bond which exists between the human capital, the practices in human resources and the performance of the firm (Delery and Shaw, 2001; McMahan and al, 1999). ...
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Following the example of other functions of the organization, the human stock management has to create value by adhering to the reinforcement key competences likely to generate products or services innovating and competitive. The role of the Human Resources Management (HRM) is not only to ensure an adjustment in the short and medium term between requirements and resources labour…
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