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Commercial Landlord and Tenant Law

He says that if Mr Jagger wants to take the room the shortest term he will agree is one year, and he requires Mr Jagger to sign an agreement (which he produces and gives to Mr Jagger). Mr Jagger likes the room, and says he's 'happy with a one-year deal', but also says he wants to look at the form of agreement and possibly take advice on it before signing it, but he does need to move in immediately. He offers Mr Richards a month rent 'upfront'. Mr Richards accepts this, and allows Jagger to move in immediately. He says, however, that Jagger's occupation will be on the terms of 'that agreement in your hand unless we agree something different', and they agree that in due course they will formalise the arrangement by signing an appropriate document.
Mr Jagger looks at the agreement. It is headed 'Licence', indicates a 'licence period' of one year, a weekly licence fee of 75 and states (amongst other things) that Mr Richards is at liberty to require Mr Jagger to share the room with any third party whom Mr Richards wishes to put into occupation.
Explain, by full reference to the background law, the status of the interest (if any) which Mr Jagger has in the room in Mr Richards' house and how such interest came to be (or failed to be) created and whether, in consequence, it is open to Mr Jagger to leave without further liability either imme ...
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1. Mr Jagger is newly arrived in town and needs to find accommodation quickly. Through a newspaper advertisement, he discovers that a Mr Richards is looking to rent out a room in his house. He goes to look at the room. It measures approximately 2.5 metres by 2 metres, and contains a single bed, a hand basin, a small electric stove and a kettle…
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