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Major Jennifer L. Robinson, a valued member of the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) since 1992, is nominated for the Order of Military Medical Merit. MAJ Robinson clearly exemplifies the Army Values and has significantly contributed to the enhancement of the overall readiness posture of the AMEDD…

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During her tenure at the MEDDAC at Fort McClellan as a Private First Class, MAJ Robinson was recognized by the Sergeant Major of the Army, SMA Richard A. Kidd, for her significant loyalty, dedication and contributions to the mission of caring for our Soldiers and her demonstrated leadership potential. While a sergeant, Major Robinson coordinated medical support for a MASCAL in Seoul, South Korea. Her quick actions coupled with her mature decision making minimized the outcome of a tragic accident. MAJ Robinson's immediate lifesaving skills provided prompt emergency care to the victims of the accident. She was recognized for her devotion and selfless service by the Commander, 18th Medical Command. As a Staff Sergeant assigned to Kirk U.S. Army Health Clinic, MAJ Robinson volunteered to orchestrate and enhance the renovation plan for the Pediatric and Gynecology Clinics, providing floor plans, coordinating automation support and the relocation of all associated equipment. She has generously contributed her personal time to ensure the renovation, without letting any adverse impact on the 14,000 beneficiaries of the health clinic. The patient care area and the capabilities of both clinics was increased by about 50 percent.
MAJ Robinson also accepted the mission to oversee the transition of the clinic from a legacy system to the Composite Health Care System (CHCS). ...
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