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Our store has recently had an increased interest in your oak bookshelves. The quality of the wood and the versatility of the product is unmatched by any other supplier of a similar product. However, I often get requests for something people can take home, think about, and use to make up their mind.


I know that if I have had this experience, you must also have other stores that are in the same situation. I would even be willing to help share the cost of producing the catalog.
Well Jack, think about this proposal. As I said, your product is second to none but we need to give the customer greater access to it. A full line catalog will increase my sales significantly and I'm not opposed to standing part of the expense of having a catalog printed. Let me know what decision you come to as soon as you can. We are entering our busy season and it would be good to move on this as soon as possible.
When we entered into a contract for you to supply our store with custom made desks, we were guaranteed 8 weeks delivery. However, the last 2 orders took 12 weeks to get to the customer. There were several phone calls from you requesting more detailed information from the customer and each time the delivery was further delayed. This has caused problems for our customer and has reflected negatively upon our store and our sales staff. When the desks arrived, they were of excellent quality and there were no complaints on the product, but the late delivery and installation caused my customers to reschedule other design work that was pending.
Please understand that there was a pe ...
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