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Scholarship Essay example - Services Marketing

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Scholarship Essay
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The blueprint is a process that is used to ensure that services carried out within an organization are undertaken in the right way. A detailed system specification is normally created in order to ensure that services provided are rolled up in the appropriate manner…

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The fundamental concept of marketing that is used to model the service marketing involves the philosophy of customer orientation. In this case, the customer is considered to be a useful in determining what the organization's activities are and their purpose in life. The principle states that all activities carried out within an organization are basically for the good and benefit of the customers (Srinivasan 2004).
The philosophy of service marketing involves taking into consideration the interests of the customers, maximizing and satisfying their needs and wants .The purpose of service marketing is to generate profits that can enable the company to run its operations in the right manner. The blueprint of a service is based on facts such as illustrating the actions and time involved when undertaking different actions of a service for an individual or an organization. The actions involved in service delivery have an execution time that is allocated to it in order to enhance a certain level of tolerance within an organization (Srinivasan 2009).
This process entails the determination of the customers' needs and later on looks for factors aimed at ensuring that internal objectives of a business are met within a stipulated period of time. ...
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