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America is a nation originally formed by immigrants, and has continued to see the entry of immigrants from all over the world in the last few centuries. The largest Asian migrant population in the United States is from China, and Chinese immigrants have been entering the country from time to time in the past two centuries.


(Daniels, 1988)
The Chinese in that period of time were migrating in search of better living conditions than were prevalent in China at the time, and the major incentive to go to America was the California gold rush which began in the 1850's. The gold rush attracted a huge immigrant population, and led to an economic boom, which created a large demand for labour. The Chinese arrived to fill up this demand: "The pull effect of California is reflected in the Chinese ideogram for California, "Golden Mountain." California, .......was just starting a spectacular economic boom based on the discovery of gold in 1848........... Services were not only high, they were virtually unobtainable........ It was this economic boom that first drew Chinese to California......"(Daniels, 1988)
The Chinese were a hardworking people, and soon made a reputation for themselves as a bunch of people who earned their pay through disciplined, long suffering, honest toil. They became a favorite with the employers in America. Not only did they provide labor, some of the Chinese also were entrepreneurs, merchants and small time tradesmen, who were were welcomed into America for their reputation as honest, hardworking people with fair practices:
" In actuality, the first Chinese immigrants were well and widely receiv ...
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