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function of spoken conversation

Spoken conversation would then be the use of spoken communication to transfer ideas, information and opinions. It's the simplest and most effective way to get one's message across. After body language, it's the second form of communication that we learn, and in a way, it's the most infallible. When an infant cries for example, we know that it either a) wants something, b) is in uncomfortable, or c) none of the above and one needs to see a doctor; but we can't be sure of the exact problem. It's the reason a doctor asks a person to describe one's symptoms first; because spoken conversation is the fastest way to get information. Anyone who's played charades will understand the trouble it is to make people understand something purely using body language. Anyone who loves a pet will know how infuriating it is that one can't have a good one-on-one chat with a dog, cat, gerbil, or goldfish.
When we converse with someone verbally, we have a better chance of understanding that person; as compared to communicating via email or just observing their body language. Speaking is more emphatic than any other form of interaction. When we want to emphasize our point, we strain our voices and inflect more; the interest we take in a subject can be gauged by the speed at which we speak, or the way the decibel levels in our voice change. ...
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Imagine if conversation could only be carried out by writingor let's simplify this, imagine if humans couldn't speak. I'm guessing everybody would be traveling with small whiteboards around their necks and non-permanent markers in their pockets. Black marker used for normal sentences, red for emphasis…
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