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Human Resources - Essay Example

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Human Resource has become an indispensable part of the organisational culture of contemporary times. Its importance could not be undermined by anyone. Human resource is theoretically that part of the organization that takes care of the staff and the labour aspect of the business…

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Human Resources

The more common usage within corporations and businesses refers to the individuals within the firm, and to the portion of the firm's organization that deals with hiring, firing, training, and other personnel issues. This article will address both definitions."
This has come to be regarded as the most integral part of businesses today globally. The labour is an asset in the businesses of today and the way it is managed has loads of effects on the performance and efficiency of the business. Labour is the most important component of the production function. It is the only factor of production that could be changed in the short-run and its performance depends upon a lot in the way it is managed and controlled.
The bad and poor management of labour could easily turn it into a liability that would perform inefficiently and thus, the business on the whole will suffer a setback. The human resource department in the company these days has a proper hierarchy and organisational culture and the head of this department is regarded as an important member of the business itself. It is a position that requires constant interaction with the labour and is of great consequence for the firm.
The recruitment of labour and the quality and quantity of labour recruited depends upon the human resource department. ...
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