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Service Quality in Marriott Corporation

the tangible and intangible aspects of the service quality) observed during interactions with the service firm (Wakefield, 2001).
Tangible aspects of service quality include all that the client can see, touch, hear, and smell upon the delivery of the services, thus, it basically involves physical facilities, equipment, and appearance of employees (Wakefield, 2001; Duffy & Kenchand, 1998).
Meanwhile, the intangible aspects of service quality comprise the manner by which services are delivered (Wakefield, 2001). An example of an intangible aspect of service quality is the service performance, which describes all aspects of the delivery of services that include: reliability (i.e. the ability to perform the required service dependably, accurately, and consistently, e.g. solving customer's problems, accurate billing and record keeping); responsiveness (i.e. the willingness of staff to provide prompt and attentive service; accordingly, it is important to make customers feel the immediacy of the management or the service employee in responding to what the customers need to know); assurance (i.e. ...
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Service quality is generally viewed as the output of the service delivery system (Wakefield, 2001). In particular, it is the difference between expectations of service and perceptions of service actually received.
Duff and Kenchand (1998) added that service quality refers to customers' appraisals of the service core (i.e…
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