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Interior-Design (Test paper)

These two pieces provide a contrast in styles and layout which is instructive when they are considered side by side. Creating living space is not always about using the brightest colors, or making the most from available space, but rather, it is also important to consider taste, attractiveness, and the ability to live comfortably in an area once it has been put together.
The first piece was created by a top designer, and I think that this was evident in the layout of the room. In many ways, the room could be described as very limited: indeed the article accompanying the photograph stated that "Tough textured concrete and few windows" were the basics of the house.
The main focus of the room is a large wooden-paneled staircase which runs up to another floor, with what seems like a balcony area which would allow those climbing the stairs to look down and see the living room. While the wood does make the room appear lighter, at the same time it also has the appearance of a balsa-wood, DIY creation, which slightly undermines the feel of the room. However, the flexibility of the light wood has allowed the designer to take the stairs up to the other floor in a curving or fluid motion, which seems to make the stairs look like an apple peel; a rather attractive and natural effect in a concrete building. ...
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The two pictures presented here represent both good and bad elements of interior design. While the first picture is light and welcoming, the second is dull and rather drab. When looking at a room, it should be possible to feel excited and inspired by it, so that one should look forward to walking in and living in the area…
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