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American poets like Emily Dickenson and Robert Frost some of the few who championed ordinary little things of everyday life as being worthy of wonderment and praise. Ted Kooser, who is a Pulitzer Prize winner in poetry and has been U.S. poet laureate (2004-6) also believes that people tend to "rejoice a little when someone shows us something special about our ordinary lives" (Kooser cited in Urschel 1) and that the same thing applies to poems…


"much like a dream, trancelike and timeless" (Kooser, 2005, 1) even as the reader plunges into the depth of the poem to explore its bottom. Like in afore mentioned poem, the simple topic of a notebook is taken by him, and has been converted by him into a piece of amazement.
At the outset what strikes one immediately is the commonplace subject of the notebook itself. Almost everyday, hundreds of men, women and children buy notebooks, without giving it a second thought, or a second look. In Kooser lies the difference that he observes every little thing closely; nothing escapes his attention, however minute it may be. Like for example, he observes that the cover of the book is blue like the 'sea', and thus the spiral binding appears like a 'porpoise' to him - "The bright wire rolls like a porpoise/ in and out of the calm blue sea/
Alternately, he likens it to a sleeper who goes into and out of his dreaming state when he pens his ideas in a notebook, "like a sleeper/ twisting in and out of his dreams, / for it could hold a record of dreams/ if you wanted to buy it for that" (Source lines 3-5) ...
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