Psychological Analysis About The Movie "Fight Club"

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It is said that films mirror the values of society because the scenes can and do happen in real life. From this media, we are made aware of the behavioral complexity of the being called man. The Narrator from the film Fight Club is one such powerful representation of the psychological nature of our kind.


He suffers from depression and lack of fulfillment regarding his career and his emotional pursuits directed to Marla.
The Narrator displays animalistic tendencies thru his involvement with the Fight Club - organized by him and his supposed acquaintance 'Tyler Durden'. This can be seen in the major activity of the club from which it derives its name - fighting physically. Physical fighting is considered animalistic behavior because the violence associated with it is the mark of an animal that competes with others to survive without having regard to the one it is hunting. We humans pride ourselves as dominant to other forms of being because of our refinement and our inclination towards diplomatic resolution to conflicts. The Narrator's animalistic tendencies are further exemplified when we discover that Tyler Durden is the narrator himself - a personality created by his mind. This revelation goes to show the fact that the narrator is the one organizing and fighting in the matches of the club.
We can derive another significant evidence from the physical fighting to support our classification. The nature of the act itself - physical - tells us that the character adapts a more bodily view of his self. He absorbs himself with the activity to gain satisfaction and appreciation of the container that he is in. ...
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