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Essay example - Experiences of Schizophrenia Counseling

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Working with patients who are beset with schizophrenia and other psychological disorders can be very rewarding yet challenging at the same time. The primary treatment for these patients involves antipsychotic medications which affect seratonin systems in the brain. …

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One of the greatest rewards in working with those who have schizophrenia is mentoring those who are feeling like they have hit rock bottom then climbed the ladder to emotional stability and happiness. That is when they know that have achieved success by regularly attending group therapy sessions, practiced exercises they have been taught and made progress day by day. Some challenges I face are that some of the patients are inconsolable and have thoughts of suicide. This is where I believe that family therapy is also helpful because they need as much support as they can receive. This of course is supplemental to the drug therapy which is the backbone of treatment. The behavioral and family therapies are a means of supplementing drug therapy to help re-integrate schizophrenic individuals into society through the development of social skills. By re- integrating the individuals back into society, the probability that the patients adhere to their drug therapies increases. I believe this is crucial for them to live a normal life. ...
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