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Essay example - Sydney Harbour Bridge

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The Sydney Harbour Bridge has long been the topic of discussion and according to Carl Hooper it is no ordinary bridge, but a structure invested with the politics of sectional interests and the suppression of 'lesser' interests. That is to say, there has been an important tension within its status as a public work and this has promoted a mythology which covers the politics of conflict…

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In other words, Carl Hooper asserts that there should be a 'depoliticisation' of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and he makes use of the theories of Roland Barthes to explain this depoliticisation, as well as the aura and allure of the Bridge. In the explanation of the bitter conflicts between sectional interests as well as the tensions between public and private, Hooper makes use of the theories of Roland Barthes and the method has been greatly effective. "The explanation of this event is found nor in history nor politics, but in the function of mythology. The celebratory phenomenon enveloping the harbour bridge is similar to that analysed by Roland Barthes. In this explanation the harbour bridge constructed out of concrete, granite and steel acts as a mythic signifier, situated in a particular environment and history. This is its 'sensuous' dimension."2 Therefore, Carl Hooper explains the concept of the 'depoliticisation' of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as the aura and allure of the Bridge by the use of the theories of Roland Barthes.
The Sydney Harbour Bridge, according t ...
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